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Allied Tech is well equipped with the plants for manufacturing foam mattresses and coir mattresses. Foam mattress making machines are designed to produce foam blocks and cutting them in circular, horizontal and vertical manner. To produce a foam mattress, foaming machines are required to mould a foam block with either manual or automatic systems. After this procedure, foam blocks are shaped with the help of cutting machines. The three types of foam cutting machines alter the foam blocks into the shape of mattress. It has the ability to cut the thickness of the block and large quantities in a go, because of the powerful vacuum. Allied Tech consists of complete plant of foam mattress making machines that are integrated with latest technology.


One complete plant of foam making machinery is required to manufacture foam blocks through three highly acknowledged processes. Max continuous foam process, Batch foaming and rebounded foam plant are the latest methods of production. Advance techniques in machinery enhance the overall quality of foam. The machinery is charged with Toulene-di-isocynate, Polyol, methlene chloride, stannous octane, Amine and Silicon; which results in the most advance chemical reaction. All these chemicals are feeded by the imported chemical pump to the mixing head. This new technique is designed by Allied Tech to yield the best quality foams that are valued best in international markets as well. Our foam making machinery can produce foam with the density of 9 kg to 50 kg per cubic meter.