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Batch Foaming Machine : BFM-100

The most convenient and economical ways of producing the polyurethane foam is the batch type foaming machine / discontinuous foaming machine. It requires small working capital , less space required and the owner can produce the foam as per the demand in the market. The batch foaming machine is most popular now a days as if we designed this machine in a new way , by stabilizing the foam mould and moving the chemical mixing assembly.

This new technique designed by AlliedTech Machine become famous in recent years and our machine yield the quality , which can be matched to the continuous foaming machines.

Manufacturing Process :

The foam is only the reactions of the chemicals , and to give away this reactions in a systematic manner We put the moving chemical mixing assembly into the mould and pours the Polyol with calcium carbonate and stirs it on to 500 r.p.m. Now we pour the catalyst including the Amine , Stannous octane , Silicon and the chain catalyses i.e. methylene chloride into the mixing bucket and finally the most reactive chemical i.e. the Toluene - di- isocynate and within 10 second the foam is ready into the mould and it takes less than 2 minutes to complete the reaction into the mould and now the foam block is ready for drying and after drying the sides of the foam block are trimmed into the vertical foam cutting machine and finally the foam thickness is cut into desired on the Circular foam cutting machine or on the Horizontal foam cutting machine.

Construction and Dimensions :

Space required 5meter x 3 meter
Power required ( including chemical tanks ) 9 h.p ( 6.75 kw.) 440 volt 50 / 60 Hz.


  • Can produce foam density from 9 - 50 kg./cubic meter.
  • Provided with 210 kg. mixing bucket .
  • Provided with D.C controlled mixing motor with drive.
  • Two chemical tanks of 1000 liters each with cooling jacket system with the machine.
  • Separate control panel with the machine are being provided.
  • Most advanced chemical reaction and handling system.
  • Provided with system assisted mixing timer controls.
  • Automatic polyol and T.D.I feeding system to the chemical tanks from the barrels.
  • Advanced moving mixing assembly for better quality.