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Coir Mattress Hydraulic Press : CMP- 12

The Mattress Hydraulic Press application is when the rubberized coir sheet being Manufactured from the Rubberized Coir Sheet plant , the coir sheet are being sprayed before they are put on the pressing bed into the hydraulic press to attain the desired thickness of the mattress.

Operating Process :

The pressing plates had the heat into them and the mattress gets its desired shape and thickness into the hydraulic press. At a single time it had a capacity to press 12 mattresses of size 2 meter x 1 meter or 6 pieces of size 2 meter x 2 meter.

There are two types of the Models available :


  • CMP - 12 ( had capacity of 12 mattress at a time of size 2 meter x 1 meter )
  • CMP - 18 ( had capacity of 18 mattress at a time of size 2 meter x 1 meter)

Construction and dimensions:

Space required 4 meter x 3 meter x 4 meter ( height )
Power required 5 h.p ( 3.5 kw.) 440 volt 50 hz/ 60 Hz